Year Of The Dog

by Second Marriage

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this is the feel-good album of the summer.

big thanks to malek, pat, and jess for helping with vocals on tracks 4 and 7. huge thanks to dan and james for being so fucking cool and nice and making the record sound amazing. thanks to ella for coming up with a good name, thanks to jake for the equally good photo. this record would not exist without the constant love and support of the armani/rpi extended families.


released June 29, 2016

Recorded/Mixed by Dan and James at Sex Dungeon
Mastered by Tom Conran at Pelican Audio Suite

Photography by Jake McGuinness



all rights reserved


Second Marriage Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Armani Baby

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Track Name: Now I'm Driving The Bus
last straw on the camel's back
blood flows and chemicals react
i won't leave when things get ugly

last call if you want a ride
our feet will get us there just fine
ford the stream, avoid the turnpike. yeah.

i can't escape the feeling that something didn't come across.
when you turn up the volume the subtlety is lost.

drive the honda to the graveyard.
empathize with all the marble rows.
try to think about what liza said.

a speedbump becomes a sinkhole
with just one winter's cracks expanding.
it's cruel, but winter always is.
Track Name: Proximity
blessings I could still count them with my hands lost somewhere in my pockets do I stay here alone with the fate to be bended just so I'll break sitting quiet sad and stoned on your couch when there's nothing left to talk about it all just fades sometimes I'll wonder if I could've done something different
we're all getting over ourselves
and I can't help myself
Track Name: Losers Walk
bound by limits to human language
unfortunate estrangement
emotions shift

you thought you could just take a shortcut
well, motherfucker, guess what?
shortcuts: they don't exist

just know that all your petty silence
it manifests as violence
the words you won't say hurt

and a phone call is no enormous favor
and love requires labor
relationships take work

more than a promise this time, and more than trust on the line;
you know just what you lack
but what you don't know is this time it's permanent
she isn't coming back.

you want your second shot but come on, it's too late for that.
i'd take the subway home but it's too late for that.
Track Name: That's A Lot Of Dust
I can feel the lust when we're loaded on the bus and the tetanus of your touch brushes up against the window all I want to know I was lying in the snow there's nothing but silence in the dark and we'll find our own way home
Track Name: Schwinning
this bike's so fucking heavy, but it will work
from market street to 21st
and to your foyer, if you can call it that.

my eyes are kaleidoscopes
your face a corrective lens
and it is my only hope that i can see you again.

so what's your story again?
you keep a lot to yourself
but what a beautiful tell.

i'd rather crawl through broken glass
than ride the bus without you sitting between
me and the window to translate the light into softer beams.
my drug of choice
is the space between syllables when you speak in your quiet voice.
Track Name: Guys, I Pulled A Connor
Track Name: Towel Time
I wait for something to go wrong I wait for you to get off the subway after work I don't know what happened I love you I wait for these feelings to absolve themselves walking home from RPI where pat has told me half the time that I'm wasting away cause your train hasn't come yet
I guess I knew it all along
I waited for something to go wrong
I'll let you go before you're gone
I guess I knew it all along